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Training Services

Training options to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Get results today! Workout with an experienced and certified personal trainer one-on-one in a private studio setting. Having a trainer provides you with the extra motivation and accountability that you need to stay focused and consistent with your workouts. A trainer will teach you proper form and technique with exercises and will ensure that you are exercising in a safe manner, in order to avoid injury. By working out with a trainer, you have your own personal coach by your side in the gym.

Web Based Training

Web-based training is available for clients who do not live in the area! Consult with a trainer online, receive customized training routines to fit your workout schedule, and check in with body assessments and measurements.

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Group Fitness

Drive offers group exercise classes for all fitness levels.

Drive Fit Challenge

Our weekly DRIVE Fit Challenge is a personal challenge - you against your body. These workouts are intense fat shredding, muscle toning, cardiovascular conditioning routines that will rev your metabolism for the day! Not sure if you can do the exercise or hesitant to join the class for fear of not being “in shape enough”? Nonsense!!! We have modifications for every exercise and will work around any limitations or injuries that you may be experiencing. Although we will push you, safety will always remain first. We will completely kick your butt, but ensure your safety while doing so! Group exercise classes are challenging and fun. Sign ups are required because class space is limited and classes are open to anyone!

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Nutritional Counseling

With our certified counselors.


Diet and nutrition are vital components of your overall health and fitness. Specifically, your eating choices will have a direct impact on the success of your fitness program. A nutritious diet will not only give you the fuel and stamina for your workouts but it will also provide the mental focus and strong immune system to help you achieve your long-term personal goals.
Nutritional counseling will provide you with the guidance and support you need to make healthy food choices. Sit down face to face or over the phone (depending on your location) to consult regarding your eating habits, nutritional needs, and how to reach your overall health and fitness goals. With balanced nutrition you will see real results!

Individualized Meal Planning

In order to have a balanced nutrition plan, you need to know how many calories per day you should be consuming. Receive your daily caloric intake with a breakdown of the exact number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you should be taking in to meet your nutrition goals. Learn how to meet your caloric targets daily so that you can reach your weight goals.

Nutritional Counseling
• Nutrition Consultations
• Daily Caloric Intake
• Meal Planning
• Understanding Basic Nutrition Concepts
• Tips & Tools for Eating Out/Managing Restaurant Food Choices
• Tips for Grocery Shopping and Understanding Food Labels
• Managing Nutrition at Work/How to Handle Travel

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Assessments and Testing

Learn more about your body and overall health.

Body Assessment

Body assessments include full body measurements, body fat testing, a break down of lean body mass versus body fat in pounds, and a weight check-in. It is essential to your training program to have a baseline body assessment done so that you can track your progress towards your fitness goals!

Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments
• Body Weight and Measurements Tracking
• Body Fat Percentage and Composition
• Max and Target Heart Rates
• Blood Pressure
• Strength and Endurance Testing
• Cardiovascular Testing

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Wellness Coaching

Learn more about your body and overall health.

Fitness Consultations and Coaching

Fitness consultations provide you with ongoing support and guidance with your workout schedule and routines. Discuss the frequency of workouts and type of workouts you need in order to best meet your fitness goals.
• Fitness/Workout
• Workout Design for At-Home Workouts
• Behavior Change Coaching
• Managing Stress and Emotional Eating

Wellness Coaching

• Balance out work/life schedule
• Support and guidance
• Accountability with your goals

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